The Used Racking Testimonials

Rating: Very, very good

- Paul McGurk - Scanman UK Limited - 19 April 2022

We have used The Used Racking Company many times over the years and each time I have contacted them, either for queries or payment etc I have only received great service. Recently I have had to collect some racking and the guys working at the warehouse were really polite and helpful. I would not hesitate to recommend The Used Racking Company for your shelving or racking needs. Rating: Very, very good

- Rob Clarke - Truck Components Ltd - 12 April 2022

Just carry on doing what you are doing. Rating: Very, very good

- Paul Mitchell - Prism E Logistics Ltd - 12 April 2022

We always buy from The Used Racking Company. Rating: Very, very good

- Essa - V2 Marketing Ltd - 10 April 2022

Rating: Very, very good

- Jim Dance - Woodway Porperties - 10 April 2022

I found your service very good and was impressed with Andy's delivery and care. So to be honest I would say carry on doing what you're doing. Thank you and I wish you success in these trying times. Rating: Very, very good

- Andy Oliver - N-A - 06 April 2022

Rating: Very, very good

- Tony Mills - Rope and Sling Specialists Limited - 06 April 2022

Thanks, Andy for your help especially on such a last-minute call. Greatly appreciated. Rating: Very, very good

- David - Goodworks Entertainment - 30 March 2022

Great service, very well packed and excellent quality, heavy-duty product. Rating: Very, very good

- Oliver Starr - Zeus Hydratech Ltd - 29 March 2022

Quality product, easy to order, quick to deliver. Rating: Very, very good

- Lisa Hudson - LWH Limited - 20 March 2022

Rating: Very, very good

- Sharon Sandison - Litron Lasers Ltd - 17 March 2022

Rating: Very, very good

- Darren Type - Higherground Flooring Ltd - 16 March 2022


- Matthew Clayton - Laser Profiles Ltd - 10 March 2022

Rating: Very, very good

- Andrea Howard - UK Biobank Ltd - 09 March 2022

Rating: Very, very good

- Steve Ingrey - Tyneham International Ltd - 09 March 2022

Rating: Very, very good

- Tom Mitchell - Mitchells Millbrook Limited - 03 March 2022

All very good from beginning to end. Good products and good value! Rating: Very, very good

- Carlos Covolo-Machado - Backup Coffee and Service Ltd - 03 March 2022

Great company to deal with. Great product Rating: Very, very good

- Mark Heard - Philip Warren Butchers - 28 February 2022

Rating: Very, very good

- Laurence Dowds - Ashley Clasics & Retros - 28 February 2022

Rating: Very, very good

- Allan Bromley - PelGar International Ltd - 22 February 2022

Racking arrived on schedule as agreed all in good condition, no problem there, however short on one of the cross beams and a few days later following initial delivery, still not too sure on when required beam due to arrive! 23/Feb/2022: Many thanks for the email and sorry you were one beam short on the original delivery This has now been despatched and glad to hear you have safely received and the racking is all built and loaded Rating: Good

- Lion Exhibition Services Limited - Tony Holden - 22 February 2022

Nothing - Quote arrived quickly, good prices and advice from a knowledgeable team. Racking delivered very quickly as promised. Thank you. Rating: Very, very good

- Mark Lancashire - Dunston Hall Leisure Ltd - 22 February 2022

Rating: Very, very good

- Paul Moore - Climate Pro Ltd - 14 February 2022

Rating: Very, very good

- Nathan Palmer - Pure Nails - 10 February 2022

The team are exceptional, extremely helpful, professional and patient. They have vast knowledge and go the extra mile to help, The products are of high quality, Delivery was as promised, the driver was very pleasant and helpful, I would highly recommend this company. Rating: Very, very good

- Mary Pickford - Norsk Global Wholesale Ltd - 08 February 2022

Rating: Very, very good

- James Snelgrove - Argrove International Limited - 03 February 2022

Very happy with service so far and have used for a few years now. Paul is always very helpful with guidance on product selection.

- Scott McKenzie - JBD Tritec Ltd - 28 January 2022

Rating: Very, very good

- Mike Haas - Ivo Textiles Limited - 25 January 2022

Very good, used them a couple of time always quick with responses and quotes and always very helpful.

- David Jackman - Reesink Turfcare UK Limited - 24 January 2022

Delivery was short of several components. Also one of components supplied was damaged and unusable. Prior to delivery the service was absolutely excellent, I was really disappointed that the components had not been thoroughly checked before being dispatched.

- Alison Crowther - Alison Crowther - 22 January 2022

I had no issues or concerns at all. Thank you

- Naomi Twelftree - Allen and Page Limited - 20 January 2022

Rating: Very, very good

- Nicky Johnson - Henley Theatre Services - 19 January 2022

Rating: Very, very good

- Tony Mills - Rope and Sling Specialists Limited - 17 January 2022

Rating: Very, very good

- Paul Hobden - Autoair Gloucester Limited - 14 January 2022

Great products and service. Rating: Very, very good

- David Howarth - Orplex Limited - 13 January 2022

Rating: Very, very good

- Richard Brown - 1st North Petherton Scout Group - 10 January 2022

Rating: Very, very good

- Paul Hobden - Autoair Gloucester Limited - 23 December 2021

Rating: Very, very good

- George Kyle - A-O IT Group Ltd - 23 December 2021

Very impressed with the service; quotes was speedy and personalised. Appreciated the push to get the units delivered before Christmas and using own transport for this. Very easy to assemble units and were up in no time. Great service.

- Geoff Ball - Glass Door Homeless Charity - 22 December 2021

Rating: Vey, very good

- Tony Mills - Rope and Sling Specialists Limited - 17 December 2021

Rating: Very, very Good

- Dave Baseley - The Hale Club Limited - 15 December 2021

Rating: Very, very good

- Joe Pearson - Prime Build Solutions Ltd - 10 December 2021

Very helpful advice given on phone. Rating: Very, very Good

- Donald Rogers - Individual buyer - 10 December 2021

Rating: Very, very good

- Stephen Legg - Clarke Fire Protection Products Limited - 24 November 2021

Rating: Very, very good

- Julian Evison - Farnham & District MRC - 23 November 2021

Rating: Very, very good

- Arthur Beale - 22 November 2021

Rating: Very, very good

- Nigel Casburn - Ivor Searle Limited - 17 November 2021

Good solid product, looks like new and all at a very competitive price! Rating: Very, very good

- Tom Powdrill - Downtown Computers Ltd - 17 November 2021

Rating: Very, very good

- Paul Veitch - Harvest Foods - 16 November 2021

Great company, always helpful, good on service & fair prices. Rating: Very, very good

- Steve Harris - Harris and Jones - 16 November 2021

Rating: Very, very good

- Sean Small - Trident Lifting Solutions - 09 November 2021

No improvement needed, customer service brilliant, speed of delivery good and a fair price. Rating: Very, very good

- Andy Taylor - Hames Chocolates Limited - 05 November 2021

Rating: Very, very good

- Paul Veitch - Harvest Foods - 03 November 2021

Rating: Very, very good

- Ian Unsworth - Pangea Sculpture Ltd - 03 November 2021

Rating: Very, very good

- Steve Mason - Pearce Recycling Group Ltd - 26 October 2021

Rating: Very, very good

- Lisa Thomas - Hawes Skip Hire - 18 October 2021

Efficient and friendly from start to finish - Excellent. Rating: Very, very good

- Stewart McKay - Frasers of Ellon - 13 October 2021

Excellent service. Helped me out when I really needed an extra racking frame. Rating: Very, very good

- Thomas Fountain - Furnewal Ltd - 12 October 2021

Rating: Good

- Phil - Millfield Autoparts Ltd - 12 October 2021

Rating: Very, very good

- John Walsh - Oakdale Manufacturing Ltd - 08 October 2021

Rating: Very, very good

- Pete Andrews - Sparks Commercials Swindon Ltd - 07 October 2021

Rating: Very, very good

- Miguel Teixeira - First Light Fusion Limited - 07 October 2021

Really good products, great quality. Fast delivery and although there was a shortage on delivery this was rectified very quickly and following items came next day. Rating: Very, very good

- Dean Davies - Prorack Installations Ltd - 29 September 2021

Great service

- Dean Davies - Prorack Installations Ltd - 28 September 2021

Rating: Very, very good

- Alan Elliot - TCR UK Ltd - 23 September 2021

Rating: Very, very good

- Steve Winter - Choice Ltd - 22 September 2021

Rating: Very, very good

- Simon Layberry - Kloris Enterprises Ltd - 21 September 2021

Second time we have purchased from The Used Racking Company and both times the service and quality has been very good. Will definitely use them for any future requirements.

- Justin Lee - English Fireplaces Ltd - 20 September 2021

Always a quick and responsive service. Rating Very, very good

- Joe Kirkman - Tropic Biosciences UK Ltd - 17 September 2021

Rating: Very, very good

- Gary Anderson - Chicken Cyclekit Ltd - 17 September 2021

Rating: Very, Very Good

- Trevor May - Trevor May Contractors Ltd - 16 September 2021

Excellent service Thankyou very much Jeni

- Jeni Brownbridge - R and R Country Limited - 16 September 2021

Everything was spot on Thank you for a quick, speedy and professional service Kind regards, Keith Fresh Group Products Rating: Very, very good

- Keith Douglas - Fresh Group Products Ltd - 15 September 2021

Quality products, good price and quick delivery - how can you improve on that? Rating: Very, very good

- Ben Goulding - Workout For Less Limited - 15 September 2021

Rating: Very, Very Good

- David Breith - Firexo Group - 26 August 2021

Came back to my enquiry promptly with a detailed response. Tailored the product to my requirements and gave me an indication of delivery. Answering my questions was never a problem...Good customer service. Rating: Very, Very Good

- Andy Carpenter - Reesink Turfcare UK Limited - 24 August 2021

Rating: Very, Very Good

- Simon Wicks - Mt Millar Limited - 23 August 2021

Rating: Very, Very Good

- Ash - Polyaire Limited - 23 August 2021

Great communication and response times. Thank you. Rating: Very, Very Good

- Mark Fox - Utili Light Ltd - 23 August 2021

Great company, very responsive. We have now bought 3 lots of racking over the last two years. From initial enquiry top delivery the service provided is excellent. Highly recommended and a lot easier to use than some of the other companies about who over complicate matters. Rating: Very, Very Good

- Ben Olszewski - Tracmaster Limited - 23 August 2021

We supply electric vehicle batteries and are very pleased with our Used Racking which is to hold Electric Vehicle (EV) Packs. With our business all about repurposing products we are very mindful to also repurpose what we can and were delighted when we came across The Used Racking Company. This fits in very well with our ethos and environmental direction. The Racking was VERY EASY to put together with 2 people. only took 15mins or so. A very pleased customer with will no doubt use this company again as we need more Used Racking.

- Paul Chaundy - Second Life EV Batteries Ltd - 22 July 2021

Professional, efficient and excellent quality

- Mike Wood - Telling Architectural Limited - 28 June 2021

8/10 Very happy with the product and the service from the sales team who were very helpful when choosing the required Longspan Racking, Unfortunately a lot of the beams were scratched and marked on what looked to be a newly powder coated finish. Overall though very happy with the service.

- Adam Goddard - Trident Electrical - 03 June 2021

Really quick quick delivery and good quality products! Excellent range of racking available

- Megan Townley - - 27 May 2021

I just wanted to thank you and your colleague, Andy Edwards, for arranging the purchase and delivery of all the racking that has just been delivered. It is exactly what we were hoping for and will fulfil our needs very well. Fortunately, our neighbour kindly turned out with his forklift, which saved our lives. We all still had suitable exercise on a nice warm day moving most of it onto our mezzanine. I just posted a five star Google review and hope that helps to turn other buyers your way.

- Hugo Marsh - Specialist Auction Services - 22 April 2021

Perfect from start to finish - couldn't be faulted from the moment I sent the enquiry, to the delivery of the product. 10/10

- Karl Hansford - Pensworth Dairy - 15 April 2021

I was a bit unsure about buying used racking and that the quality may be ‘dodgy’. I spoke to the guys here, they reassured me and we ordered. Product came exactly as they said, went together perfectly, and did the job whilst saving me a fair few quid... great stuff thank you!

- Pete Lindie - Caleo Ltd - 15 April 2021

We have used this company twice now and there service has always been spot on.

- Paul - Pest Free Gardening - 13 April 2021

Attached is a picture of our shelving up in situ. We're very pleased with it, thank you very much.

- Louisa Hobbs - MK Food Bank - 31 March 2021

We received a great service from Home Counties Storage Systems Ltd. As a start up, we decided to go for all new equipment in both the warehouse and production area and Andy Bean was amazing with his industry knowledge, advising on and creating the layout for both areas. The team handling the installation were also amazing and just go on with the job, with minimal involvement from us. The whole process from start to finish was seamless and I would have no hesitation in recommending this company to anyone looking for a racking solution.

- Paul Mitchell - Prism eLogistics (UK) Ltd - 06 January 2021

The racking was as all ok and in good order, as we expected. This was the first time we have dealt with your company, we shall do again should the need arise. The only very small thing I would mention is there was a lot of dust on the beams, would have looked great had it been pressure washed

- Robin Shelbourn - Lincolnshire Trading Co Ltd - 23 October 2020

Its my first time dealing with your company and if I’m being completely honest which I do tend to be lol, Paul was the gentleman who dealt with my enquiries and even picked up one from my warehouse op that someone else over there missed so for me Paul was superb in both his customer service levels and knowledge of the items I needed A+. The beams arrived this morning and for the most part I am happy with them there are some with large chunks of paint missing showing rusty metal underneath but I assume that may well be because of the time spent in your warehouse before being sold. Overall thought I will be using you again when we move to larger premises.

- John Lambourne - AVI-SPL - 10 March 2020

The shelves have come in thanks, they were put to work straight away. There is a strong possibility that we will be ordering some more units (not sure when) but rest assured you will be top of my list when we do.

- David Lloyd - Burcas Ltd - 09 March 2020

We were very happy and wish to thank you and you team.

- Kevin Miles - Loomis International UK Ltd - 25 February 2020

I thought your company service was exemplary. Lovely friendly people to deal with. Good price and delivery on time. Everything happened has discussed and agreed. We are happy to recommend The Used Racking Company to everyone.

- Moi Bliss - Berkeley Integra Ltd - 25 February 2020

Very happy with the shelving, thank you for all your help. May be ordering some more soon!

- Phil - Dynamic Print Media - 24 February 2020

Really very pleased with the steps and the speed of delivery and response to our request to have them in time for our move……you could not have done a better job for us.

- Sally Day - Intersurgical - 17 February 2020

We have now put up our racking and are very happy with it and the quick service provided.

- Sean Huxtable - Wildlife World - 14 February 2020

Very happy with the purchase thanks - already installed and looks great!

- Dave - UCH Logistics - 10 February 2020

Friendly Soap have expanded rapidly over the last 12 months and we have been helped so much by 'The Used Racking Co'. We needed to replace all our flimsy shelving with better quality ones that would stand up to the constant turnover of stock. The shelves supplied by 'The Used Racking Co' are excellent quality, very strong and sturdy and are so easy to erect. We found that it was the perfect shelving range for us and have now bought even more so that all our freshly made soap can cure, all our packaged soap can wait dispatch and our last order of shelving has meant that all our backup stock of cartons is safely and neatly ordered away. We have also been supplied with various pallet racking that has helped with larger outgoing orders and incoming stock. All really good quality. Friendly Soap will always use 'The Used Racking Co' for all our racking and shelving requirements. Thank you!

- Rob Costello - Friendly Soap - 05 February 2020

As always you are a pleasure to deal with. The quality of the goods are to a high level and were delivered in a timely manner.

- Becki Wilkey - 2 Excel - 04 February 2020

We are delighted by the service we received from the used racking company. I received confirmation of the pricing by mail within a few hours of the telephone enquiry, and the quotation was competitive. I placed the order, received an order confirmation with expected times for delivery and installation within a few hours. The work was completed exactly as promised, on time and as per the specification. I don’t often leave feedback, but the service has been perfect, which is quite unusual! Pass on my thanks to the installation team, who were professional and courteous, and represented your company very well.

- Martin Oxborough - Marlborough Furniture Surfaces Ltd - 28 January 2020

Guys in the warehouse are delighted with the work!

- Brian Davenport - The Solar Centre - 27 January 2020

The shelves were as expected and already in use, no issues.

- Simon Davis - Riva Bowl LLP - 24 January 2020

everything was fine with the order - very happy. Thank you.

- Lisette MacGuinness - Visual Technology Ltd - 23 January 2020

We received the racking and got it put up straight away. Everything was present and correct this time many thanks, I'm sure we will be ordering again in the near future.

- Justin Mathias - Lignia Wood Company Ltd - 22 January 2020

I am very pleased with our purchase from you, racking was installed yesterday, everything looks great, I would buy from you again and recommend you to anyone who might be looking for some racking.

- Iain Grimes - Freightnet Handling Ltd - 21 January 2020

Everything is perfect, great service, many thanks!

- Dave Grant - Fierce Beer - 20 January 2020

Better than I expected and pleasantly surprised!

- Akis Ionannides - Foodafayre UK Ltd - 06 January 2020

All arrived OK and was assembled before the Christmas break.

- Dean Drake - Sunfish Services - 02 January 2020

All good thanks! And thank you for the additional safety pins!

- Nick Zieleniewski - Glentham Life Sciences - 19 December 2019

The shelving we ordered arrived a few weeks back is great.

- Oscar Payne - Espresso Solutions - 16 December 2019

Everything got picked up and put up nicely, so we are very happy with the results.

- Celina Bassili - Cash Truck - 13 December 2019

From start to finish excellent service everything arrived on the day it was supposed to. The installation team arrived at the time agreed did an exceptional job of installing the racking we ordered. I would not hesitate to recommend this company for all your racking needs.

- Steph Line - Cembrit Ltd - 12 December 2019

Baby Bank Network were absolutely delighted with the customer service, products and the fantastic pricing of your racking. The installation went really smoothly and overall we were really very impressed. Thanks so much.

- Sarah Sutton - Baby Bank Network - 10 December 2019

The decking did turn up thanks very happy with the quality and service of your company. If I need anymore you guys would be the ones I choose to use.

- Jack Walton - European Watercare Ltd - 10 December 2019

All fine and already up and in use in our main freezer!

- Colin Potter - Raw Dog Food Company - 09 December 2019

The racking was great, and arrived on time. Your company provided an excellent service from order to delivery. We would definitely use your company again in the future should we have any further racking requirements and would happily recommend your company to others.

- Lisa Andrews - ACES Ltd - 09 December 2019

Thank you very much for the excellent customer service and quick delivery of the racking Please see the photo showing how the racking has been used to improve the ‘5S’ work for our samples team. Will definitely recommend you to others in future

- Daniel Walter - Abraham Moon & Sons Ltd - 06 December 2019

Perfect thank you, delivered when you said and installed when you said and kept me informed along the way. Will definitely recommend you to others in future!

- Tim Knight - MDH Defence - 05 December 2019

Shelving looks substantial and easy to assemble. Expertly and cheerfully delivered by Rob (Red17). Thank you very much!

- Tony Clark - 04 December 2019

The racking is still standing firm and looks amazing in our store. Thanks for all your help and no doubt we will be purchasing more soon.

- Marlon Cole - Arcadia Film - 03 December 2019

Everything was great thank you and the installation team did exactly what was needed!

- Tony White - Bonners Music - 02 December 2019

Delivery and installation were done as planned I was happy how things arrived and were installed Unfortunately the goods to be stored in the racking have not arrived as yet so the racking isn’t in use as yet

- Chris Felstead - Boode UK Ltd - 25 November 2019

I must say the quality of the racking, considering it is second hand, is quite exceptional. I may have some more projects on the go shortly and, due to the quality of the product and speed of delivery, will not hesitate to use you again. Thanks for all your help.

- Richard Toms - BCA Fleet Solutions - 18 November 2019

All went very well thanks and all is now installed and working hard storing our stock. We’re more than happy to recommend your company – really helpful and reliable as well as good quality stuff.

- Claire Upton - Scarboroughs - 15 November 2019

I would like to say that I am extremely happy with your service from quote right through to delivery. Paul was professional, courteous and nothing was too much trouble, even when I asked for a quick delivery he went above and beyond to ensure he met our requirements! Everything was packaged well and in perfect condition upon delivery too. Your prices are very competitive and you will be my first port of call should I need anything else for my warehouse.

- John Green - Pennamed - 14 November 2019

The shelving was what we expected – we’re happy with the order!

- Bill - Activia Training - 13 November 2019

Yes all happy here! Goods arrived as ordered via helpful courier!

- Ruth - Ecoism Manufacturing Ltd - 04 November 2019

Thank you – all arrived, but haven't put it up yet!

- Richard Marshall-Hardy - Marshall-Hardy & Associates - 01 November 2019

No issues my end, all received in good time and are very happy with the product.

- Thomas Wilson - The Vintage Garden Room - 29 October 2019

Everything was perfect thank you. But thank you for everything, the service was amazing.

- Steven Herbert - Howards Group - 29 October 2019

Great service thank you!

- Steve Harris - Harris & Jones - 28 October 2019

We found your company to be helpful, professional and very knowledgeable.

- Sean Bourke - Surrey Pallets - 23 October 2019

Yes we are happy the racking is here and is due to be installed soon.

- Andrew Newman - Argos Ltd - 22 October 2019

Your service and the delivered product are/were both excellent, I will be in touch when the need arises for more racking.

- Eddy Jones - PASS Ltd - 21 October 2019

We have been purchasing various pieces of racking from various racking suppliers over the past 15 years and your standard of new and used pieces has been by far the best. The service level has been excellent from the initial purchase of new and used pieces right through to add on pieces that were required to complete the job. I spoke with 3 different members of your team, all of which had the awareness and knowledge of what we initially required and what we needed for the second stage. Both deliveries arrived well packaged and on time, I will be using you again and thanks for the support Finally, winter is coming and you even threw in a nice brolley!!!

- David Sparks - Cleaning Supplies 4U - 16 October 2019

As I mentioned in my email to Andy Bean on Friday it arrived way quicker than he said it might but he would try to get it here as quickly as he could but it was still likely to have been 4-5 days. But as our order some how got miss-placed your end he would pull out all the stops & true to his word he did & it turned up on the Monday having only been chased & found that the order had not been actioned on the Friday prior. Thanks to all involved!

- Jason Boyes - Romsey Coaches Ltd - 15 October 2019

Thank you, we are very happy with it.

- Nigel Whitt - Gallay Ltd - 14 October 2019

Order received fine and we are very happy with the racking!

- Alex - Product Nation - 09 October 2019

Yes we were very happy with the way the installation went, your guys did all they could to help and work round our people, overall your team were very helpful and cooperative throughout. I would have no hesitation whatsoever about recommending the Used Racking Company to anyone.

- Nigel Whitt - Gallay Ltd - 07 October 2019

Thank you very much for the great effort. We really appreciate your service.

- Gordon Addai - Interkat Catalyst GmbH - 06 October 2019

Racking is perfect, will be in touch as soon as we have further requirements

- Mark Rawlings - Cool Conversions Ltd - 03 October 2019

We are more than happy with our order from start to finish. Excellent service.

- Luke Green - Aviation UK - 24 September 2019

Yes we are happy. So much so we have a 2nd order. Probably looking to do a 3rd order once the 2nd one is received

- Andi Marsh - Receptive Solutions Ltd - 23 September 2019

Works fine, exellent condition, will last for ever! Thanks.

- Van Potgieter - Rapid Logistics - 22 September 2019

Thanks again for your help...I’m delighted with my new workstation and shelving.

- Terasa Wood - 19 September 2019

I'm very, very happy with the purchase, the racking arrived very fast, with all the bolts needed, we had it up in no time, we really are pleased and will definitely buy from you again when we need more!

- Nick Vaux - Hilton Herbs - 18 September 2019

Yes all good and very happy!

- Tim Jones - Nationwide Paper - 16 September 2019

Thanks for the pallet racking which we have now installed in our yard. The service received and quality of the racking are both very good, so you have a happy customer!

- Jon Masterson - Hire or Buy - 12 September 2019

Really happy with the quality and prompt delivery.

- Tony Goodall - Manas Injection Moulding Ltd - 11 September 2019

Very happy with your service, help and delivery!

- Dyfed Reed - Reed's Gravedigging Ltd - 11 September 2019

I was very happy with the level of service you provided and the great work the guys carried out. I really appreciate that you went out of your way to help design what we needed and had it fitted in such a short time frame. I would definitely recommend you to others. Thank you for all your help

- Shakeeb Rafiq - Sacla - 10 September 2019

All received and now erected and in situ.

- Janine - Maceplast - 09 September 2019

Thank you for goods delivered to our warehouse We were very happy with respond we got from your company Very polite taking order and making us understand the goods . Delivery prompt Drivers excellent Cant fault with your company We will be recommending your company service and product to other builders merchant.

- Vijay Kara - Cricklewood Timber & Building Supplies - 05 September 2019

Everything was great - Thank you

- Loraine Daniels - Bella Luce Ltd - 03 September 2019

I have received excellent customer service from Andy Bean, he literally dropped everything to help me out of a pickle with my MD. He really understood what I needed and found me the very best option, even swapping out at the last minute to a more suitable product that was ready virtually straight away for me. I was very pleased to manage to get this turned around so quickly, Thank You Andy! The chap (apologies I didn't catch his name) from the warehouse was very helpful, making sure he went the extra mile to help my driver and I load the racking as easily as possible in to the back of our lorry. Again, big thanks to him. The racking is in a good condition and was neatly ready for collection just as promised

- Jack White - Crocus - 02 September 2019

Thank you, YES all is very good. We aim to move 2020 and will be back in touch.

- Andrew Salsbury - Indigo Valley - 23 August 2019

Received the order, always happy with product and service from you.

- Chris Kemp - Office Specialities Ltd - 19 August 2019

Happy with the service received, we haven’t unpacked the racking yet.

- Marcus Bryan - Control Techniques Dynamics - 19 August 2019

Happy with the service, delivery and product.

- John Flynn - Tri Management Ltd - 19 August 2019

Our purchase racking and installation went very well.

- Liliana Bonilla - Biscuiteers - 16 August 2019

We are very pleased with the product and services provided by your company and we look forward purchase more products from you.

- Sonia Kapoor - Peppercorn Foods Ltd - 16 August 2019

We were very happy with the product as you can see it looks great, sales and delivery service were also very good and managed to accommodate a late request to change delivery date.

- Andrew Ormesher - National Theatre - 16 August 2019

Order arrived, everyone happy.

- Gwynn Lewis - Aeroco Group - 09 August 2019

We are VERY pleased with the job and the guys who did the install were great so a big thumbs up from us.

- Sally Day - Intersurgical - 07 August 2019

All good thank you!

- Dave West - Emma Bridgewater Ltd - 06 August 2019

I am very happy with the purchase thank you and will keep you in mind for another time.

- James - Climate Pro Ltd - 06 August 2019

As always your company offers a great service

- Andy Hudson - Cinelab London - 02 August 2019

Everything was good and the racking looks great

- Steve Mason - Pearce Group - 30 July 2019

The shelving was received ok and the product was in fact for one of our important customers. They have now received it and have assembled it ready for use.

- Jamie Newman - CSE UK - 30 July 2019

Very happy thank you.

- Dave Taylor - ANC Access - 29 July 2019

The racking arrived today and I'm very happy with the product and service. You'll be our first port of call next time we move premises and need to expand our storage. Thank you.

- Kevin Haswell - Really Awesome Coffee - 25 July 2019

We are now using the new racking and are delighted with it. We are in the process of re-arranging our storage to obtain best usage of the racking and this will take some time to do. Your installers were very helpful and I wish to commend their overall performance as "The best".

- Costi Michaelides - SS Convenience Distribution Ltd - 24 July 2019

We are really happy with the service we get from you and your team, especially Andy Bean, are very helpful. We won’t go anywhere else for racking now. Thank you!

- Freya Nicholson - Plum & Ashby - 23 July 2019

Yes thanks, all OK Thank you!

- Berf Brown - Kondor - 23 July 2019

We are very happy with both the equipment and the service you provided please see the attached of racking going up and finished, it looks great in our smart factory!

- Nick - Dunkertons Cider - 23 July 2019

Thank you for your email. We have received our shelving and it has been assembled. We are very happy with our purchase.

- Christina Morgan - Chiltern Legal - 22 July 2019

Racking arrived and all setup. No complaints so far.

- Victoria Cadiou - Fox UK Productions Ltd - 22 July 2019

Just to confirm I am very happy with our purchase, delivery was prompt and the product is exactly what we were after so many thanks.

- Kevin Egan - John Rothery Wholesale - 22 July 2019

Yes racking received and installed. Looking good.

- Iain Masson - Crafty Brewing - 18 July 2019

Many thanks for the delivery, all arrived ok with transit.

- Darren Newbould - Scanman (UK) Ltd - 18 July 2019

Items arrived , great quality and service as usual

- Graham Jennings - Wingate Electrical Plc - 17 July 2019

Yes we are very happy with your product. In fact, we have just ordered the same again.

- Florian Kirchertz - London Stone Conservation - 16 July 2019

Yes, very happy with the purchase and the racking we received!

- Jason - Noble Naturals - 10 July 2019

Well what can I say about the guys that installed our Racking…… They were fantastic! One of them had us in stitches!! Nothing was too much trouble. At one point we changed our minds after they had put up the Racking in a certain place and it did not look right. Within minutes it was moved with no “huffing or Puffing” as you normally get from some people! We had a slight problem that none of the racking were bolted together and I was not happy with this just in case it fell over on anyone. I called your Office and spoke with Chris. Chris was at our Office by 8am the following day to fix the problem. Now that is what you call great Customer Service! All in all 10 out of 10 for excellent service!

- Nicky Hall - STABILO International GmbH - 04 July 2019

Thank you very much, the shelves arrived safely.

- Sally Norman - Sarah Raven - 02 July 2019

All very well received and very happy with the purchase.

- Jason - Noble Naturals - 29 June 2019

The service provided by HCSS was outstanding. They appreciated that they were constructing in a live working environment and took ever step to minimise disruption and deliver the job in time. I would 100% recommend this company and will most definitely use them again in the future.

- Luis Johnson - Tarlu - 20 June 2019

Yes! Very happy with the purchase, good as always from you guys.

- Mark Cole - Benchmark Services Ltd - 18 June 2019

The racking is great, I built it myself and it was very easy to work with. However, I did make a minor mistake building the first set as I had placed the brackets upside down. It may well be my stupidity, but I felt the instructions could have been a little clearer. That being said, it was a small mistake and easily rectified.

- David Waterlow - Isle of Arran Distillers Ltd - 18 June 2019

We have finally sorted out our warehouse and are really pleased with the racking.

- Graeme Jackson - Soils Ltd - 17 June 2019

We are happy with the recent order received.

- Kacey Coleman - The Magic Touch Ltd - 14 June 2019

The shelving is brilliant and very easy to install. I am so pleased and so are the rest of the crew about my choice. I will recommend you should anyone asks.

- Kelvin - Si Foods Ltd - 14 June 2019

The decking arrived safely and is now installed.

- Trevor Town - AVI-SPL - 14 June 2019

I’m very happy with the racking we have received your guys did a really good job thank you

- Laurie Cook - Selby Contract Flooring - 13 June 2019

Everything was fine no problems thanks

- Melvin Jarman - David Bailey Furniture - 13 June 2019

Very happy with purchase thank you

- Robert Morgan - Advanced Furniture - 11 June 2019

Yet again service was quick and easy.

- Sara Gailey - ATL Turbine Services - 10 June 2019

Everything was perfect thank you very much.

- Carl Hearn - Domino UK - 09 June 2019

We were very happy with the service and the quality of the racking

- Robin Shelbourn - Lincolnshire Trading Company - 08 June 2019

The racking was as all ok and in good order, as we expected. This was the first time we have dealt with your company, we shall do again should the need arise. The only very small thing i would mention is there was a lot of dust on the beams, would have looked great had it been pressure washed

- Robin Shelbourn - Lincolnshire Trading Co Ltd - 31 May 2019

We are happy with the beams and the service your company provided! I have asked Peter to quote on some shelving for us which I’m confident we will be placing some sort of order once we iron out the details, so I’ll be looking forward to receiving the umbrella! ??

- Dave West - Emma Bridgewater Ltd - 31 May 2019

All went very well.

- Raj Sandhan - Metro Health & Beauty Ltd - 30 May 2019

Thank you, all ok!

- Martin Elf - S. Green and Sons Ltd - 21 May 2019

It has provided us with more valuable space to use and tidied this area of our warehouse nicely also.

- Aidan Bishop - Bishop Group - 21 May 2019

We are very happy with the way the job was done. Andy was very helpful.

- Robert Dangoor - Arrow Electricals - 21 May 2019

Order has been received all ok

- Julie Bennion - James Cargo Services Ltd - 20 May 2019

I couldn’t have been happy with the Service from The Used Racking Company, great advice on the phone for what we needed (trying to add on to existing racking with both colour and type) I received the quote quickly, price was good and delivered promptly, we’ll be using them again in the future and would happily recommend them to anyone in the warehousing business.

- Bryan Hill - Serenco - 20 May 2019

There was a miscommunication with our original order so we had to place this order to rectify it. The gentleman that came two weeks ago was excellent and got everything to where we wanted to be. We won’t be placing a new order until we get a taller forklift truck but will need more “shelf supports” and wooden slats then so can place an order and fit ourselves.

- Rob Wallace - Peak Analysis and Automation Ltd - 09 May 2019

All great thanks. Might be coming back for some more racking at some point.

- Glenn Hayes - UK Worldwide Logistics - 09 May 2019

We're pleased with the Esmena racking we bought from you.

- Nigel Hamlin - Monmouth Scientific - 03 May 2019

I was happy with the level of service we received from your company, quick and efficient. We will therefore shortly be onto yourselves again for a quote for more racking at our depot near Heathrow.

- Clive Miller - AABC - 03 May 2019

Thank you very much. We are happy with our racking, and if we need to expand it we’ll be sure to come back to you.

- Heidi Oliver - Weston - 01 May 2019

The racking is spot on, and the installation team was great too.

- Andrew Theaker - Aussie Grit - 01 May 2019

All fine thanks. We had paid for extra racking but turns out we’ve been able to use it so it’s fine!

- Will Brockbank - Juno Hire - 30 April 2019

It has been one of the best purchases we’ve made. We were quoted quickly, the price was right, the delivery was speedy and the driver was super helpful. We’re really happy with the quality and condition of the racking.

- Simon Popeley - Resource Engineering Supplies Ltd - 18 April 2019

All very pleased thanks!

- Greg Dopson - Azego - 16 April 2019

We are very happy with the outstanding support provided by Peter Hough and Sheelagh Ball and the excellent delivery service.

- Jim Hopkins - Chesterfield Foodbank - 16 April 2019

To be honest and I don’t often say this, but I am very happy with the pallet racking, although it took lightly longer than expected, I am no complaint. I was happy to wait for Nick the install manager to get back from his holiday, because he was amazing and very helpful as was the whole team. A great representative of your company.

- Paul Mitchell - Document Dispatch Ltd - 13 April 2019

Thanks for all your help on this project we found the product a perfect suit for the job, it was a quick and easy assembly and received on a fast delivery I will certainly be using you guys again in the future.

- Charlie Chandler - Vinci Construction UK Ltd - 09 April 2019

We had a very good experience dealing with you, all the way from quotation to delivery. The communication during the quotation period was clear and concise. The goods arrived promptly and customer service was very helpful whenever I called. Also, I was very happy with the quality of the shelving. It was a joy to put up, all fitting together perfectly plus it is very strong. I was also glad that the frames were already bolted together ready to erect. As you can see from the photo, it has already been put to full use. I would recommend this shelving to those that require a strong, well made shelving solution.

- Alastair McFadzean - Specialty Drinks Ltd - 09 April 2019

Staff at The Used Racking Company were most helpful and supplied me with a couple of bays of brand new racking that were quick and easy to install. The racking has proved to be strong and highly useful for storing spray guards from our vines.

- Jan Mirkowski - Fairmile Vineyard - 08 April 2019

This is our second purchase of the orient pallet racking, and the second perfect delivery. The first purchase your guys installed for Greenray as well and they were brilliant for Greenray, making sure everything was exactly as we wanted it, so please pass on our thanks to all.

- Mark Ward - Greenray - 05 April 2019

We are happy with this latest delivery of racking. It’s been great service for each of our orders that we have placed with you hence we have been back to you several times for all our racking needs.

- Sara Gailey - ATL Turbine Services - 01 April 2019

We're very happy with our recent purchase thank you, great pricing, quality and service. It's the second time we've bought racking from you and we'll continue to as we carry on expanding.

- Tom Hatcher - Passenger Clothing - 25 March 2019

Every part of this order went very smoothly from initial contact, obtaining and discussing quotations, placing the order and delivery which was earlier than expected. The racking arrived in an excellent condition, went together very easily, is incredibly sturdy and will do the required job for many years to come. We certainly would not hesitate to use this company again if we ever needed to expand our archive room or create more storage space.

- Elaine Davies - SGE Ltd - 21 March 2019

I just wanted to say we’ve been thrilled with all the racking we’ve had from you and the service has been great too. We’ll definitely keep coming back as our warehouse grows.

- Freya Nicholson - Plum & Ashby - 15 March 2019

Thanks - the recent shelves are fantastic! Very shelfy!

- Craig Rogerson - Scenic Sets Ltd - 08 March 2019

Like them so much that I am buying another one!

- Tiago Moreira - Principle Cleaning Services Ltd - 13 February 2019

Racking as ordered received in good time and all components present and correct. Racking now in situ and looks “just the ticket”. Very pleased indeed with our purchase and with service received, many thanks.

- Tony Holden - Lion Exhibition Services Ltd - 11 February 2019

We contacted HCSS because we needed more storage capacity but had run out of floor space for any more shelving. They suggested heavy duty mobile racks that we could use to store goods on in the pallet racking area. This genius idea means we now have 4 rows of shelves right at the back of the warehouse which we can wheel out of the way if we need to access the pallet bays. Thanks, HCSS for this brilliant solution!

- Jonathan Money - Catering and Leisure Supplies Limited - 08 February 2019

Its gone up very easily. We are a few beams short (which Andy is sorting), so really happy with the purchase!

- Jeremy Gear - Roofing Gear Ltd - 04 February 2019

We are very happy with the quality of long-span shelving we purchased!

- Alex Bayley - Bodysocks Fancy Dress - 23 January 2019

We are more than happy with our beams thank you very much and I’m even happier that I managed to order and receive the same type they are to replace.

- Andrew Mitchell - Saint Gobain - 23 January 2019

As always, the service we receive from your good selves is always second to none. We have purchased from the used racking company time after time, as it’s always good quality, good value and the communications are excellent. Cannot see any reason to look elsewhere for racking!

- Jeff Collyer - Premier Workplace Services - 16 January 2019

We have ordered from you twice, both with excellent service from yourselves, providing exactly what we wanted and to our tight timescale. Thanks again to the Used Racking Company, we’ll be sure to use you again when we need our next run of racking.

- Steve Powis - Brightwells Ltd - 16 January 2019

We’ve ordered several work benches and racking from you, for use in our warehouse and laboratory. We’re really pleased with the quality and your fantastic service! Thank you!

- Kayleigh Relf - TXO Systems Ltd - 16 January 2019

We are delighted with the most recent order, all fitted perfectly, prompt delivery and good quality.

- Michael Forbes - Renewable Parts Ltd - 16 January 2019

Very happy with the service, delivery was prompt and the guys who came to install it arrived on time and got it up in no time, even taking the time to bolt down our existing racking. No complaints!

- Alex Pelling - Chepstow Garden Centre - 15 January 2019

We are very happy with our purchase thank you. Will be in touch when we need some more.

- Graeme Brockway - Splash Display Ltd - 15 January 2019

Service provided by your Company via your representative Dave Colley was a pure pleasure. Dave drove me through the process and informed me about progress during the order, always was here when I needed him and answered for all my questions. To be honest, I didn’t receive that high quality service for long time. Thank you once again

- Blazej Zub - Water Technologies & Solutions - 10 January 2019

I found The Used Racking Company when trying to get my project back on track after buying some very poor racking from another supplier, sight unseen - never again! The Used Racking Company has proved to be a superb company to deal with. Their range of racking solutions is very wide, but I was helped by one of their team on my first phone call to EXACTLY what I needed. I collected the racking the next day, and it took about 10 minutes to put it together - amazing! I added another small installation, and that went like clockwork also. The value for money compared to my first source is brilliant. The design really works, and each item fits as required with the rest. My order was complete and accurate on both occasions when I collected them. The people I met were all very keen to help, and competent to do so too. I can’t recommend the firm highly enough - don’t bother looking anywhere else.

- Stuart James - - 08 January 2019

We are very pleased with our new racking. Good all round service – thank you. Looks good too.

- Debbie Thomas - Spaceworks - 08 January 2019

We are really happy with the recent purchase and really recommend your company!

- Dominik Stasiak - Mint Hygiene Ltd - 07 January 2019

Everything was fine with the last order!

- Dave Gray - High Water - 07 January 2019

All the racking turned up on time and was just what we needed.

- Dave Jones - Thomas Hardie Commercials Ltd - 07 January 2019

We were very happy with the service we had. Dave was a pleasure to work with and a great help when it came to the planning. Would definitely recommend yourselves to others.

- Bradley Jackson - Tread Floor Ltd - 20 December 2018

It was a pleasure dealing with Paul M. He made life very easy, I would recommend a visit to your Factory to any potential buyers Great people, great product, fast delivery and great price. Very quick to assemble. Ticks every box!

- Andy Friend - Geiger BTC - 19 December 2018

The easiest racking in the world

- Joe Pugh - Borough Box - 19 December 2018

The shelving is great thank you!

- Garry Dawson - Olde Tale Productions - 13 December 2018

Both Dave Colley and Sheelagh Ball have been excellent. Dave was happy to answer a million and one questions to ensure that we were happy with our choice of what to buy, he always responded quickly giving me all the information I required. Chalk and cheese different to the response we got from the other racking suppliers we approached, I obviously was unsure of our requirements, one of them responded with 'the information and pricing you require is on our website' so says it all really. We will happily use you again and recommend you to others.

- Richard Handley - Spectra Displays Ltd - 13 December 2018

I’m very happy with the racking. Couldn’t find a cheaper price and delivery and service were excellent. If I need any more I know where to come.

- Dan Lewington - Ramtech Electronics Ltd - 12 December 2018

All good and installed....Andy Bean and your guy from Northumberland in the warehouse (sorry don't know his name) have been fantastic.

- Marcus Birkmyre - Nylon Fasteners Ltd - 07 December 2018

Dave Colley has been ever so helpful, friendly and available at all times to discuss anything and everything regarding our racking. Good luck for 2019!!

- Danny Winship - Pennyworth - 05 December 2018

All good thanks. Not put it all to use yet but will do when I find time.

- Mike Ashforth - Production Print Direct - 05 December 2018

We were happy with the racking and the service, and would re order.

- Joan Farndon - Stillages Ltd - 04 December 2018

Overall, we were very pleased with the racking and service received. The installation was completed much quicker than we had expected. The only minor disappointment was that on both installation visits, there were some delays that weren't communicated to us. On the first phase, the team turned up to begin installation, but the parts didn't arrive until more than 1 hour later. On the 2nd phase, the team turned up later than planned as they attended another job first thing that morning. Although installation was still completed quickly, it was frustrating not being made aware of these delays.

- Simon Archer - Crocus.co.uk Ltd - 29 November 2018

Racking installed, pleasure to do business with you guys, I am sure we will be back, please thank your team for a speedy response, I have to say unlike others doing a similar product

- Julia - JP Conveyors Ltd - 28 November 2018

The racking was great, it’s all been put up and probably full by now!

- Sara Gailey - ATL Turbine Services - 27 November 2018

We were very happy with the service provided. We had to cancel the first installation date as we had a delay in our building. Your team were very accommodating and were very helpful when we came up with a new date. We would certainly highly recommend your company.

- David Nixon - J. Hvidtved Larsen UK Ltd - 27 November 2018

The racking was great and we will probably take some more from you!

- Neil Holmes - Fannon Group - 26 November 2018

It was delivered and is all up and being used. Very pleased with the service and won’t hesitate to use your company again in the future.

- Mark Cole - Benchmark Services Ltd - 23 November 2018

The service we have always received from your company is as always top drawer.

- Paul Gibbs - Thomas Hardy Brewery - 23 November 2018

All good thank you!

- Paul Scopes - GRS Bagging - 23 November 2018

Thank you and yes we are very happy with our purchase, will come back if and when we require anything else!

- Julie Farrell - Parkinson-Spencer Refractories Ltd - 19 November 2018

All received and installed to my satisfaction, many thanks!

- Jon Britten - Mitchell & Ness International - 19 November 2018

Many thanks indeed for the pallet racking. It arrived on time and in top condition, we have installed it, it looks good and it is holding some of our fine teas. Very many thanks indeed!

- Will Battle - Fine Tea Merchants Ltd - 16 November 2018

It was great, thank you!

- Paul Randle - Plant Plan Ltd - 14 November 2018

Yes we are happy with the service and products provided. If only something could be sorted out with the deliveries as that’s the bit that makes it very expensive!

- Julian Turner - JCT Developments Ltd - 14 November 2018

Yes, all fine, thank you!

- Trevor Lodge - Maldon Shot Blasting & Powder Coating - 14 November 2018

Very pleased as usual - I will need some more racking in the new year!

- Andy Devonport - Wildabout Flowers - 13 November 2018

Thanks again to T.U.R.C. for another great piece of service.

- Dave Williamson - The Clancy Group - 13 November 2018

We have been impressed with the products received from The Used Racking Company and find the company very efficient in processing our requirements. The products are extremely adaptable and the locking systems ensure that as our company progresses we can adjust/add to the racking in a double quick time.

- Ian Weir - Fairline Yachts Ltd - 07 November 2018

We have been using the Longspan Shelving now for over 9 years having placed numerous orders over that time as we’ve expanded. We are extremely happy with the product and would recommend both the shelving and the service from the Used Racking Company.

- Nev Hoyle - Mainline Menswear Ltd - 07 November 2018

All arrived and looks great, thanks so much for all of your help!

- Violet Elliot - FFSO Ltd - 06 November 2018

As ever, really easy to deal with you. We use your racking in the warehouse to store flight cases on but also on site to put projectors on.

- Dave Connolly - Big Picture AV Ltd - 01 November 2018

Thankyou for the racking, once again a fast efficient service, the guys said it went together very easy and looks good - but I haven’t seen it yet because it's in another unit, its raining and I haven’t got an umbrella!! Seriously though, thanks!

- Mark Haslam - British Fossils - 25 October 2018

Great service as always, thank you!

- Nathan - Crown Water & Coffee - 20 September 2018

Yes all good - very happy thanks!

- Jonathan - Catering and Leisure Supplies Limited - 20 September 2018

We are very happy with our racking. It is just what we needed to give us more storage space.

- Martin Harris - Phoenix Rugby Club - 20 September 2018

I found both the ordering and installation process to be an efficient and smooth process with yourselves. You did everything you said you would, on time and as assured. The installation engineers were helpful and accommodating and completed the work in a small amount of time. I’d definitely recommend your company and will be using you again for future requirements.

- Matt Leadbitter - Motive 8 Ltd - 12 September 2018

The service we had from your company was brilliant, Paul Moorfield was very helpful when we realised that we should have ordered different racking and got the exchange sorted out no bother.

- Sara Gailey - ATL Turbine Services - 06 September 2018

Racking arrived in perfect condition and is now fully loaded with material in the graphics department, many thanks for a great service.

- David Lundy - Protect Signs - 23 August 2018

We had a really efficient service, from some lovely friendly staff!

- Andy Ball - JE Group Ltd - 07 August 2018

My pallet racking frames arrived, I am very pleased with them thanks for your time and help.

- Chris Smith - The Corrugated Case Co Ltd - 28 July 2018

On behalf of White Bird, I would like to thank you for the excellent level of services your organization has provided to us. The time management and service quality were found to be excellent and on par with any global standards. I appreciate your accurate planning and productivity which has won our hearts.

- Ajay Sapra - White Bird Logistics & Warehousing Ltd - 20 July 2018

We are happy with items!

- Yvie Franks - Flints Theatrical Chandlers - 17 July 2018

We had used the Used Racking company before in a previous business so didn't hesitate to get a quote from them again. Before making an order we were able to visit their site to discuss our options and what they could provide us. Once we placed our first order we were informed exactly when our order would be delivered and when the install team would install our racking. The order turned up when we were told it would and the following day the install team turned up and has our racking installed in a few short hours. Nothing was to much trouble even building the racking around a temporary toilet. The racking maybe used but it will serve us well for many years. We were so happy we placed a 2nd order a week later and again the order turned up when we were told it would, we decided to install it ourselves which turns out is a lot harder than the install team made it look. We have even got lockers, coshh cabinet and pallet truck all without any problems, can't ask for more. Top service from The Used Racking Company.

- Myles Smith - Cross Rental Services - 17 July 2018

I’m very pleased with my racking it went together very easily & looks good in my shed

- Peter Kersey - Ignition Arts Ltd - 13 July 2018

To be honest the service I received was fantastic from start to finish and I would highly recommend you guys

- Adam Jones - Capital Water Treatment Ltd - 12 July 2018

I’m very happy with the rails and will be ordering an additional bay soon

- James Andrasi - Still Trill - 05 July 2018

I’ve been a film and television location unit manager for 12 years using many types of location vans and I find and highly recommend the used racking company for its large selection of quality racking for every situation. I now only use this perfect system for all my location vans as the racking system is quick and easy to set and remove, when required, from any of our hired vehicles. Thank you and I must point out all the staff are very helpful and ready to find the perfect match to any van.

- John Crampton - All Location Services - 27 June 2018

Yes everything is great with them. Thanks for all your assistance with them!

- Faye Wildey - KLS Martin UK Limited - 25 June 2018

I would just like to say, “ you did it again”. Great efficient and friendly service team and we are pleased with the used racking, still good quality and will do just the job.

- Mark Cole - Benchmark Services Ltd - 21 June 2018

Yes, the shelves are great but I have to say there was no way that a little old pensioner, like myself, could have even lifted the stuff, let alone fixed them! Luckily my son was around to do the job for me! :) Apart from that, great company and would like to say I will use you again, but hopefully, I won't need any more storage shelves, as I need to clear out the clutter!

- Susan Murad - - 20 June 2018

Your guys did an excellent job!

- Daryl Williams - Surface Measurement Systems - 20 June 2018

Very happy, thank you. I guess only old fuddy duddies are still bolting steel shelves together

- James Sherlock - James Sherlock - 19 June 2018

Racking excellent condition and the beams. Service on top of the range 6 ******. Thank you for your support I will use you in future!

- Lukasz Kuzma - Imperial Polythene Products Ltd - 19 June 2018

It arrived ok and it's fit for purpose. Thank you!

- Jim Dickson - Quality Couplings Ltd - 19 June 2018

I can confirm the racking is ideal for what we need and we may buy more of the same type from you in the near future. I did have a slight problem in getting the delivery date finalised but when I did it arrived in the next morning and the two men did a great job in putting it up in the afternoon and they also consulted me as they were putting up the racking on the different combinations I could have. I would recommend your company to anyone.

- Andy Lane - Apex Surgical - 12 June 2018

The service that your company provided was absolutely outstanding, Very polite and friendly Lady took our order Invoice was through within 30 minutes Paid and was able to pickup within a couple of days Highly recommend!

- Daniel - BTC Vehicle Rentals - 12 June 2018

Thank you very much, we are more than happy with the racking and the service!

- Kevin Miles - Loomis International - 11 June 2018

Service from you was great. Very quick to respond and the info provided was also very clear.

- Nick Robertson - Prosafe Engineering - 11 June 2018

Had a great first experience with the Used Racking Company. Sheelagh was very helpful on both the phone and via email and helped us choose the most suitable racking for our packing area. The racking was delivered within 7 days as promised and was in very good condition. Overall the quality is fantastic and has provided us with far more space for our products as we expand our range. We will definitely be using this company again in the future!

- Alex Bayley - Bodysocks Fancy Dress - 08 June 2018

What you have provided has suited our needs very well!

- Kevin Wickham - Ames Nissan Ltd - 08 June 2018

Very happy with the service and product, thank you.

- Sharon Ford - Carritech Ltd - 07 June 2018

Very happy with the racking and the good service. Many Thanks again, I would highly recommend The Used Racking Company.

- Laura Savage - BJF Connections - 07 June 2018

Everything perfect from our order!

- Paul Wilson - Digital Factory Ltd - 07 June 2018

Spot on!

- Keith Spencer - KW Spencer Ltd - 07 June 2018

We were very happy with the level of service, both you and Kevin were really helpful. Thank you very much for all your assistance.

- Kevin Miles - Loomis International - 04 June 2018

As ever, brilliant!

- Steve Bowers - Bagnalls Group Ltd - 30 May 2018

The product is very good, the service which was provided is also amazing :) thank you!

- Sasha Jelisejeva - STOiCA - 29 May 2018

This is our 3rd order to Used Racking Company. We have now extended our racking and made our storage and organisation of stock much better. Happy warehouse!

- John Gillingham - Sign Tec - 22 May 2018

We had an excellent level of service in buying shelving from you guys. We have found you helpful over the phone and on email when we’ve needed help identifying existing shelving in our warehouse and subsequently using that to buy more shelving from you.

- Michael Gibson - Storm Events - 18 May 2018

The pallet racking beams were brilliant. Worked great. Service received was outstanding, helpful staff and great service.

- Mani - Big Daddy Prints Ltd - 10 May 2018

All was Fabulous!

- Phil Smith - PhilSmithAgencies - 30 April 2018

We are entirely satisfied with the service provided and the new ‘used’ racking fits right in as it matches our existing (which can be seen at the periphery of the frame on either side).

- Catherine Swan - Stage Technologies Ltd - 23 April 2018

When looking for shelving there is a mine field of companies offering this and that. However, if you need to speak to somebody to discuss your requirements it soon becomes apparent that not all glitzy companies are all they are crack up to be. Often the products they offer are not as strong as portrayed and require a huge amount of time to assemble. The Used Racking Company stand out from the crowd, there knowledge, advice and support is second to none. The product they advised us on is absolutely brilliant. It’s very strong and so very simple to assemble and disassemble if required, none of this nut and bolt stuff many other companies offer. Delivery was very prompt and goods arrived in perfect condition. So if you are looking for good quality racking and support to match then we would most certainly recommend this company to anyone.

- Martyn Willcox - Tohatsu Marine Ltd - 20 April 2018

The racking and install were great thank you. We really appreciate your efficient and effective service!

- Nathan Au - FaceShare - 19 April 2018

All good, as always!

- Paul - Pollen Crew Ltd - 03 April 2018

Very impressed and easy to assemble. Great service.

- Mark Cole - Benchmark Services Ltd - 29 March 2018

Really happy with the tables - Thanks!

- Matthew Pinder - Presspahn Ltd - 28 March 2018

Both of our orders are very much in use. Ordered without friction. Delivered with care and expeditiously. Another positive experience. Telephone ordering and confirmation process very straightforward and reassuring. We're a small charity, and the care, cost & reliability are very welcome.

- Craig Fees - Petta Archive - 27 March 2018

The installation team were quick and efficient and had the racking set up within the agreed time. Collection of our stock from yourselves went smoothly as well. This is the second time we have used your company for installations and both times we have received great service.

- Rob Holmes - Swift Logistics Solutions Ltd - 14 March 2018

I bought some Industrial Shelving to put in my garage. They are easy to build and strong enough to take all my heavy gear. The guys I dealt with were very helpful in assisting me to purchase the right units for my requirements.

- Sean Quinn - Quinnesse Kitchens & Bathrooms - 14 March 2018

We are very happy with the service you provided. The value is outstanding and will be buying more in the future as we expand.

- Richard Pratt - Festina Drinks - 13 March 2018

The product is excellent, as ever. Delivery was at the appointed time and all went smoothly.

- Greg Dopson - Azego TS - 22 February 2018

We are more than happy with the service that we received from start to finish. Very professional and personal! The racking is getting good use and we are finding things much easier in the warehouse now! Thank you all again, it was a pleasure.

- Alison Douglas - Multichem - 19 February 2018

We are pleased with how things have worked out in the end, although we did have some issues with the delivery not being totally complete with two upright frames for the pallet racking being missed off the initial delivery. This delayed full installation of the pallet racking. However, Kevin Carter was very helpful and was able to resolve the issue quickly before the move in due date. Also your fitters were very helpful in relocating some of the racking when they returned to the site as the aisle width initially installed did not prove to be wide enough. Work that was carried out efficiently to accommodate our wishes. We still have one slight issue outstanding as with regard to the low level longspan racking again there was a slight mix up on the order, we ordered some 1.8 metre racking and we received 2.1 metres so we are awaiting delivery of the 3 x 1.8 metre shelves and 6 x 1.8 metre beams. Kevin informed me last week that these should be delivered here sometime today. All in all we would not hesitate to use your Company again for any future requirements.

- David Brewer - 13 February 2018

Everything was great thank you.

- Liam Alderson - Build 4 Growth Ltd - 07 February 2018

Latest order of racking is now in place, really pleased with how this addition has increased our useable storage space.

- Tim Wilkinson - Roxby Farm Supplies Limited - 06 February 2018

We were very pleased with the service, thank you.

- Becky Hucklesby - Hucklesby Associates Limited - 01 February 2018

Very happy with the service, all questions answered quickly. Impressed with the quality of the product.

- James Lawson - CiM Displays - 22 January 2018

Latest order of racking is now in place, really pleased with how this addition has increased our useable storage space.

- Tim Wilkinson - Roxby Farm Supplies Limited - 22 January 2018

Excellent quality racking, very sturdy. The young lady I purchased it from was extremely helpful. Delivery was quick and the driver very helpful too. Many thanks. Will use you guys again.

- Phillip Laybourne - Dynamic Print Media - 19 January 2018

It matches the last racking we purchased from you a treat. I will be dealing with you again soon I hope.

- Jason Boyes - Romsey Coaches Ltd - 18 January 2018

Happy with the service and the racking.

- Andrew Boreham - 18 January 2018

The racking you supplied was just what we needed. Should we require any further Shelving / Racking I won't hesitate to contact you.

- Lee Talbot - 18 January 2018

We have repeated last years order as we have found the quality, price and look very good.

- Mike Beaumont - Water Wellbeing Ltd - 11 January 2018

From our initial enquiry over the phone to discuss our requirements it was handled professionally and with expert knowledge. All items arrived on time as discussed. Would recommend this company to anyone who has the need for shelving.

- Keith Fowler - AMES Group Ltd - 10 January 2018

Very happy with the quality of the racking and the service. There is a good chance of repeat order on the back of this.

- Chris Cowles - 10 January 2018

We were very pleased with the racking supplied by you.

- Ray Roberts - Rotec Engineering Ltd - 05 January 2018

Pallet racking arrived on time and yes we are happy with our purchase. We will always come to you first should we require any further racking or assistance.

- Gaz Stebbing - Gardline Ltd - 04 January 2018

We are very happy with the pallet racking we ordered as you can see from the attached picture it is already filling up with stock. Considering it is a used product the quality is first class. Will definitely be using you again and recommending you to any of our customers who need similar racking.

- Tim Wilkinson - Roxby Farm Supplies - 04 January 2018

From the point of contact to order and delivery, I found the experience to be fast and professional and the product delivered of good quality with a very keen price, we will use again in the future.

- Kevin Stewart-Rattray - Combellack Vehicle Recyclers - 04 January 2018

Order was all okay. Thank you for the help on it. We find your system very useful in some of our builds where our clients need stock room shelving without digging too deep into their pockets. I know there will be more of this system needed later in the year. Will keep you in mind.

- Zain Malone - BAPTT Shopfitters Limited - 04 January 2018

Dealt with Andy I think it was and service was good.

- Ray Carroll - Paramount 26 - 04 January 2018

We are happy with our purchase.

- Colin Morrison - Seivwright Brothers Limited - 04 January 2018

I have used this company 3 times now, they are very quick at delivering, and the price is very competitive the service also very good, I will use them again.

- Antony Szuch - 13 December 2017

I am delighted with the shelving and the speed with which it was delivered.

- Peter Cliff - Triumph Consultants Ltd - 12 December 2017

Works a treat, good value for money and delivered in good time, my storemen are happy and it's Friday!! Couldn't ask for more.

- Adam Teskey - VF Manufacturing Ltd - 09 December 2017

Thanks very much. Very happy with the racking.

- Sean Longden - Rollagranola - 09 December 2017

As always, fast, efficient, well priced & a pleasure to deal with.

- Nathan Sennett - Circon Ltd - 06 December 2017

Very pleased with the quality of Racking and the customer service - will use you again.

- Alan Taylor - JJ Storage - 28 November 2017

We are very pleased with the products & speed of your services. It has been a pleasure to do business with you & we will no doubt be ordering again very soon.

- Jason Charles - GB Refinish Supplies Ltd - 20 November 2017

Great racking… Thank you

- Tim Nicholas - TMS Motorsport - 15 November 2017

Very pleased with all aspects, from advice to delivery! Will be ordering several more sections within next few weeks.

- Mark Craig - Smiths Motor Group - 26 October 2017

The racking we have received is of in my opinion ‘high quality’ and really looks the part in our new garage. Cant thank Peter enough for his knowledge and professionalism. Will and are using you again for our work benches.

- Roberto Salamanca - Oil Salvage Ltd - 20 October 2017

We are very happy with the service and the quality of the racking supplied. Would recommend to anyone.

- Robert Hall - HG Blake Ltd - 19 October 2017

Everything was very good, price and service including installation.

- Darren Green - TBC Group - 19 October 2017

Easy to assemble, great finishing on the racks and very helpful when I rang in and asked for a soft copy of the set up guide that someone swiftly sent it to me to help us set up.

- Arjun Sofat - 18 October 2017

A good product, easy to understand web site, very competent and knowledgeable staff on the phone. Delivery carried out by your own transport driver phoned and informed when half an hour from address and found it despite being in the middle of nowhere.

- David Saph - DLS Developments - 16 October 2017

Great product and service.

- Sam Mockford - Scandia - 13 October 2017

We are very happy with the service.

- Rajinder Benning - Blossom Ltd - 11 October 2017

Service was great, no issues whatsoever.

- Alan Elliott - TCR UK - 10 October 2017

Fantastic Product and Customer Service

- Alan Taylor - JJ Storage - 09 October 2017

As far as I’m aware everything was fine.

- Lynn Fletcher - Haarslev UK - 04 October 2017

Racking is in and looking good, thank you.

- Ray Veck - cis-tools - 29 September 2017

Sorry photo is not that good but there is not enough space to obtain good view.

- Costi - S.S.Convenience Distribution Ltd - 27 September 2017

To be honest I can't think of anything you could have done better. Your competitors that I came across are all have absolutely shocking customer service and yours was the opposite. I appreciated the speed you responded to me the most. The only thing I can suggest is promoting to your customers that you have a really quick response time because I had almost given up hope in contacting people.

- Andy - Rancher - 15 September 2017

I don't need the incentives to give you my feedback, nor to return for future purchases if I can and have the need. You are a warm and welcoming company, and the service and shelving are excellent and affordable.

- Craig Fees - PETTA - 07 September 2017

100% happy with the service and quality of racking.

- Rob Hall - HG Blake Ltd - 04 September 2017

The racking was delivered on time as promised. It is erected and we are very happy with it . All round great service and price. What more can you ask for..

- Catriona Bingham - Premier Rail Services Limited - 04 September 2017

Great product and service.

- Terry Sutton - Premier Workplace Services - 30 August 2017

The canteen manager was over the moon with the results. Once again if I need to purchase any further racking you will be the first company to be contacted as you have provided a good product and delivery service.

- Alan Gooch - DP World Southampton - 30 August 2017

I was not here when the racking arrived last week but I have received no complaints so I guess all was okay with the delivery.

- Louise Woodley - Neil Brown Engineering Ltd - 29 August 2017

Thank you for your offer of one Tape Measure which we gratefully accept. We are very happy with the service and quality of your product and have this morning placed another order.

- Simon Pritchard - Bookends of Christchurch - 29 August 2017

Super racking and service.

- Rebecca Geddes - J S GEDDES - 23 August 2017

We are delighted with the shelving, it’s exactly what we asked for and perfect for our needs. The standard of service was excellent, from the initial visit by Dave Colley through to the installation itself which was carried out efficiently with little upheaval. Thank you to all involved.

- Linda Edinburgh - Seiko - 21 August 2017

Thank you for the supply of the link 51 racking to extend and repair our racking. Dealing with your company was very efficient and effective. Your knowledge of the product was helpful in identifying what we required and the order delivery process was fast and efficient.

- Terry Hall - Burgess Marine Ltd - 28 July 2017

Thank you for the recent racking installation. We are very pleased with the racking and service provided. Please see pictures of the assembled racking in our warehouse.

- Andrew Stokes - Anderman Industrial Ceramics - 28 July 2017

We are very pleased with our shelving and would recommend you to other departments in our business.

- Helen Whatley - Fine Foods - 28 July 2017

The feedback I have is that the whole experience was awesome - great technical advice and an easy process. We'll probably be ordering more soon.

- Daniel Lawes - Anti Vibration Methods - 28 July 2017

As you can see we are already making good use of the Rack. The Level of service was good, we got what we wanted when we wanted it. I spoke to the guys who put it together and they told me the rack went together well.

- Karl Kastner - Scientific Magnetics - 27 July 2017

Very happy thank you and we shall be ordering more!

- Tresco Richards - Swift Catering Supplies Ltd - 27 July 2017

I don’t usually ever respond to these type of emails but as I was so impressed with the service and the racking you supplied us I felt I should. The racking is of great quality even for something which is second hand! And was delivered on time also. Should we need more racking, which will probably will I shall be in touch. Please don’t worry about the tape measure we are a Set building company so have them coming out of our ears! Please pass on my thanks and look forward to working with you in the future.

- Chris Phillips - Eclipse Scenic - 21 July 2017

We are currently removing all our old racking and replacing it with new. The service we are receiving from you is excellent and I'm sure once we are up to date with these racks we will be back for more.

- Stuart Smith - Lightsave - 14 July 2017

Just wanted to say a massive thank you to you guys for the service and product you supplied! I called for a quote, the lady could not of been more helpful, within half an hour I submitted my order, immediately got an email with a proforma, got that paid, and received a confirmation within minutes. A lovely gentleman called on the Friday afternoon to let me know my order had been loaded onto its transport and would be with me Monday, brilliant service in my eyes, once arrived it actually only took one guy to put together, the product is so sturdy,clean and tidy and perfect for purpose. Will defiantly be using you guys for any other shelving we may need in the future! Please see attached photos, still have some organising to do on my office shelving but everything else is brilliant.

- Jaine Whitty - Oberlin Filter - 06 July 2017

We are more than happy with the racking and the team that installed it.

- Paula Cox - Mapcargo - 30 June 2017

You went over and above for us with a difficult customer. We as always recommend you to our customers where racking is required

- Paul Townsend - Lektro Mechanical Handling - 29 June 2017

The racking you supplied now in place and being used. These are for all the cutters we use in production

- Darren Newbould - Scanman UK Ltd - 23 June 2017

We dealt with Kevin for the most recent installation. The quotation was received promptly and installation arranged for the day we requested. In all, very happy.

- Steve Jones - Water Treatment Products - 20 June 2017

Great cost, great service and quality of the racking was superb. All now installed at our new premises. Thank you.

- Tom Coan - Rigo Spa Ltd - 19 June 2017

All received – All good. Thanks

- Toby Ellis - Bradfield College - 14 June 2017

We are very happy with our purchase! thank you :)

- Euan Smith - Drip Hacks - 08 June 2017

Yes very happy with the racking and installation, with our three orders placed with yourselves already

- Rob Overington - Syndico - 07 June 2017

Very pleased.

- Phil Moffett - Well Dressed Tables - 01 June 2017

The product is easy to erect versatile and sturdy as can be seen from the pictures.

- Andrew Baylis - Artificial Lawn Company - 31 May 2017

Thank you very much for the racking supplied to us, the service I received was excellent and Paul was very helpful and prompt with the quotations. He was also very helpful in amending our order to allow us to collect it from your depot so we could meet our client’s needs. I will definitely be using you again if and when our client requires more racking. Our engineers said it was much easier to assemble than other racking systems we have had. Please see the attached photos, sorry about the quality these are what our engineers took.

- Mark Gibson - Parr Group - 26 May 2017

Many thanks for the great service. The shelving went up the day after it arrived. Unfortunately we have a lot of tidying up still to do. See attached the shelving. I've got a way to go to make it great, however your easy assemble racks really helped.

- Dawn Gamble - Electronics 168 - 26 May 2017

Sorry for the delay, been really busy here. Your help was invaluable, and we couldn't have managed the job without your input. Thanks again for sorting this job out of us, as it wasn't an easy one.

- Frank McAdam - RDM Group - 26 May 2017


- Alun Jenkins - Graff-city - 25 May 2017

Thanks for sorting out the replacement beam. All is complete- see attached image. Client is delighted with job

- Harry Mortennson - Llonsson Ltd - 25 May 2017

Extremely happy with the racking and the service provided. Prompt shipping and arrives exactly as agreed. Please see pic attached.

- Peter Stone - Moulded Circuits Ltd - 24 May 2017

Great price - great quality!

- Mike Ansell - Ceramex - 19 May 2017

3rd Purchase of this Racking from The Used Racking Company. Fantastic product and excellent value for money backed up by 1st Class customer service.

- Simon Whines - Just Roadster Ltd - 16 May 2017

All good thanks. Arrived nice and early and occupied an evening of construction. Now all in use.

- Steve Monk - Da Gama Maritime - 16 May 2017

The racking you have provided as been exactly what we expected. We have been extremely please with all aspects of dealing with your company.

- Allan Crane - JCB cab systems - 16 May 2017

Every Car Covered always use The Used Racking Company for its racking needs, an exceptional quality product at the right price with a great customer service, why go else where.

- Simon Whines - Just Roadster Ltd - 11 May 2017

Racking arrived this morning! Many thanks for excellent service (as ever)

- Mike - n/a - 26 April 2017

I know im a very small customer, but I really appreciate the customer service you have provided, and the quality of the shelving / bays is excellent.

- Andy Warner - Solisinfotech - 29 March 2017

We were very happy with our used racking and it was delivered quicker than we expected! The racking is now up and in use.

- Paul - C&J Transmissions Ltd - 22 March 2017

Its very good

- Ross Cornwall - Triplex Productions Limited - 20 March 2017

Many Thanks for getting back to us. We we're looking for a company close by to Uxbridge who would be able to supply us with a racking system quickly and efficiently. You gave a very detailed breakdown of the size options which one of our departments needed specifically for. Quotations were done promptly and within the same day; even when modifications had to be made which is what we needed in order to get through our accounting procedure. Collection went without a hitch and the gentlemen in the department who requested the racking were very pleased with the material and build quality of the frames and the chipboard.

- Kevin Wolf - Medici Productions Ltd - 20 March 2017

I just wanted to say thank you for the excellent service and quality of products we have received from your company. Both the delivery driver and the installers were polite, clean and tidy and were a credit to your company too. I would have no hesitation in recommending you to any other business.

- Darren Pritnell - Resource Print - 19 March 2017

Service was great, delivery swift and product is, as ever, ideal for our needs thanks! Have attached pictures – I am always borrowing next door’s tape measure so an ideal gift thanks!

- Greg Dopson - Azego TS - 16 March 2017

We had it all up and done in a couple of hours. Great service received from your company. Goods arrived and it was really well packed and stacked on receipt. Very impressed with the service.

- Dean Drake - Fire Trade Supplies - 16 March 2017

The Used Racking Company provided a competent service from start to finish. Communication channels in the company are very streamlined so there was no time wasted between different phases of the project; site visit to design to installation. Our company changed the brief a couple of times prior to The Used Racking Company being chosen as the successful company and I found them very flexible and totally professional to deal with. The installation was organised and well manned, and we actually got the warehouse racked ahead of schedule. I would recommend this company any day of the week.

- John-Paul Somerville - APT Global - 14 March 2017

Photos of our installation, Very pleased with the product and service.

- Richard Darlow - Pallite - 09 March 2017

Absolutely delighted with the quality and the ideal for what we require.

- Stephen Watson - Multi Packaging Solution - 07 March 2017

All went great

- Phil Ellams - Powergems - 03 March 2017

The shelving has arrived and is in use. Brilliant product just what we required

- Michael Hayes - Fish Bros - 27 February 2017

Just finished installing racking, all looking good.

- Barry Hemmings - R.I.C.Hemmings Timber - 25 February 2017

The racking fits nicely thanks. Really easy to put together, very strong. Exactly what I wanted.

- Ian Packman - Wiire Ltd - 22 February 2017

Please find the new shelving units installed in our new Derby depot.

- Mike Beaumont - Water Well Being - 20 February 2017

Great racking, very quick and peter Hough was a pleasure to deal with Pictures are of the racking half finished currently, but work in progress!

- Chris Wall - Stagetex - 17 February 2017

I would like to thank you for your excellent service, not only yourselves but the fitters who completed the job. Not only top class installation, but also their willingness to work with us to get the most out of the space available.

- Brian Mahoney - Richards & Appleby - 15 February 2017

Helpful and friendly guidance was received when investigating options. Prompt service. Adjustments made to the racking according to the customer needs. Happy to chase the delivery company on 2 occasions. With prompt response to my calls

- Keith Gibson - WEC International - 13 February 2017

Just to say your help and service has been excellent each time we have used you. And the product is fit for purpose and looks great.

- Steve Lee - Parkway Interiors - 13 February 2017

I can confirm that we are very happy with the new racking that was installed and the service that was provided by Andy Coldwell was first class. We have just purchased some decking for the value of £900.00 does this mean that we will get the free golf umbrella?.

- Rob Wade - Preformed Markings - 13 February 2017

All great thanks

- Andrew Lawson - Borough Box - 13 February 2017

Perfect tank you everything is better than expected and all up and running. Will definitely order again.

- Ricky Montgomery - Mr Books - 13 February 2017

Yes we have received and all great thanks.

- Tim Cox - Coakley & Cox Ltd - 06 February 2017

Yes I'm completely happy with our purchase

- Simon Burtenshaw - Protectivewearuk - 06 February 2017

Fast delivery, easy to install and colour matches our new factory.

- Karl - Willow Bridge Labels - 31 January 2017

The speed of delivery and the quality of the product were both excellent. I would not hesitate to recommend you and buy from you again.

- Alex Field - Sasha Cycling Ltd - 30 January 2017

Service was great. Thank you for everything

- Oren Kohavi - OMG Marketing Ltd - 27 January 2017

All arrived safely and shop manager very pleased with how they look and the added shelf space they have provided. So all good sorry I can’t send a picture in situe but they were filled nearly as soon as I put them up. But thank you for the offer of a free tape measure. If I need ,more shelves you guys will be my first port of call

- Gerald Winter - UUEAS - 25 January 2017

All arrived thanks and put to good use!

- Gary Anderson - Chicken Cyclekit Ltd - 24 January 2017

Many thanks for all your advice and expertise in helping us to select a set of racking for our factory unit. It arrived promptly and in excellent condition, we are very pleased with the service we have received from you and will definitely call on you again in the future for our pallet racking needs. Once again many thanks and I have attached a photo of the racking in situe.

- Kerrie Martin - Accujet Ltd - 24 January 2017

We are, as always, delighted with how we are looked after by you wonderful folk. If you could just halve your prices, it would be perfect!

- Garry Allsop - Allsops CTF Ltd - 20 January 2017

I've attached some pictures of the racking in situ. I was pleased with delivery time and the quality of the racking. The only issue I had was that no pins were sent with the racking. Fortunately I had spares on site so was able to make it work. Racking was a good price and for what we needed it's very cost effective.

- Ashley Dyer - Stage Sound Services - 19 January 2017

Our Company below recently bought some longspan shelving from yourselves. The shelving was extremely easy to put together and the shelving although fairly high was solid in construction. It should last for years and serves our purpose well.

- Gordon Ranachan - AeroGlow International - 19 January 2017

Many thanks for the racking we are very happy with it.

- Warwick Buckley - Buckley Yacht Design Ltd - 16 January 2017

I have just sent some images of our racking to go alongside my feedback. The process worked generally well. Kevin was very helpful and organised the process effectively. The guys turned up on time, they were polite and quick. Very impressed. The only problem was that the initial delivery from the warehouse arrived too late and your team had to reschedule. I would recommend the Used Racking Company.

- Will Battle - Fine Team Merchants - 16 January 2017

Thank you very much, the shelving arrived safely and is now erected and doing a great job.

- Robin Aitchison - Aitchison&Mnatzaganian Cello Specialists - 05 January 2017

Thanks you for your help today and a very efficient service.

- Jemima Birkinshaw - Ciranove Finishes Ltd - 04 January 2017

Thanks for such great service.

- Julian Calcerley - 01 January 2017

Please find attached a photo of our new pallet racking. It was delivered on time and has been very easy to construct. Thanks for a great service. Happy Christmas.

- Jo Wild - www.heritagestoneworks.co.uk - 20 December 2016

Very pleased with the longspan Shelving, we will always come back to you if we need any more thank you.

- Mandy - Contact IT Solutions - 26 October 2016

We received our order thank you and we are very happy with it

- Tammy - Probein Industries - 26 October 2016

You exceeded expectations. Your driver arrived promptly as agreed, was extremely helpful unloading. As we were expecting used racking and received new, the product quality exceeded our, and our clients, expectations.

- Harry Mortensson - Llonsson Ltd - 24 October 2016

Racking quality was good.

- Aku Patel - Paperchase Accountancy - 24 October 2016

We have received the shelving, thank you. I have to say what an efficient service. When I called about my enquiry, the assistance was excellent from the ordering to the delivery with in 48 hours.

- R David Halliday - EuroCrate - 23 October 2016

The pallet racking was brilliant quality.

- Kieran Speirs - Trade Signs - 05 October 2016

The Used Racking Company has always supplied our Company with excellent good quality affordable used and new racking over several years and our first choice on racking suppliers. Delivery of goods has been on time with a back up call confirming delivery made

- Colin - AA Shelving - 29 September 2016

Received the bracing. Many thanks for such a great service and quality products

- Simeon Ludwell - TW AUDiO UK - 27 September 2016

Excellent quality used racking at an unbeatable price combined with super fast and efficient installation – 10 bays in less than a morning!

- Colin James Dunn - Vinatge Roots Ltd - 20 September 2016

Racking has all been delivered and looks great, really pleased with the service and quality.

- Ross Blair - Mclcreate - 17 September 2016

Racking has all been delivered and looks great, really pleased with the service and quality.

- Ross Blair - Mclcreate - 17 September 2016

Yes we are very pleased with the racking, and will buy again through you when we need more.

- Jamie Gibbs - Maxfurniture - 14 September 2016

Thanks for your email and thanks for the service you have provided. The products arrived as planned, and were all in excellent condition, we ordered 15 bays and have installed all but one. The service from first call to final contact was professional, informative and very helpful throughout.

- Ronnie Johnson - Elite Labels - 14 September 2016

I am very pleased with the service and racking supplied by yourselves.

- Stuart Bryan - Brindley Lift Truck Services Ltd - 12 September 2016

But as you have contacted me i will give you a few moments. I must say i was very impressed with the speedy service, emails etc and information i needed to make my purchase. I have always used your company for all my storage requirements and will carry on into the future. The smaller racking we purchased was spot on for what we needed it for, nice quality, strong and very functional....very happy. Thanks again and as soon as we need more storage i will be in touch.

- Simon Whines - Just Roadster Ltd - 17 August 2016

Its been great customer service especially the way it was handled the replacement of my wrong order. Really appreciate - we strongly recommend this company for any growing company. I'm planning to make a use again with my further expansion. Will wait for your free 8 metre tape measure.

- Vinay Patel - Vinay Patel Lts - 09 August 2016

The racking is great thanks, very pleased.

- Rob Mcgrath - Camper UK - 27 July 2016

The quality of the product received Racking was received and installed on the date requested and with ease. Our client is very happy with the solution provided and we plan to use HCSS if we ever have a requirement for racking again. The overall service level received from The Used Racking Company. Faultless service, responding to calls or emails quickly with advice or quotes following receipt of our plans.

- Sam Wilson - Cupaz - 21 July 2016

Its looks great.

- Tony Teeder - RSS Group - 21 July 2016

Its looks great.

- Tony Teeder - RSS Group - 21 July 2016

Thanks very much, very happy with the racking!

- Ali Macisaac - 21 July 2016

I thought you may be interested in what the racking we purchased from you was used for, We had a large number of dining chairs which are used on only three occasions a year and were stacked on the floor taking up a large space to one end of the bar area spoiling the overall effectiveness of the bar, I ordered a 2.7 m X 500mm two shelved to fit in a 600mm deep recess which arrived very quickly and efficiently by your contractor, What I had not realised was that was the size Between uprights ! Not as I thought the overall width, As we put the rack together we realised we might have a problems with it being too wide to fit the recess, we had to remove the floor fixing plates from the uprights , it then fit that snug you could not get a piece of paper between the uprights and the wall ,a better fit you could not get, As my photos show we now store 45 chairs in that small space (if the ceiling had been higher, even more, could have been stored ) We placed the rear parallel bars lower than the front ones to tilt the chairs towards the rear wall so the chairs don't fall off (the vertical bars in front of pictures are safety item) we then had curtains fit so when closed everything is nice and tidy,(we just need to get rid of the old wooden tables in front of pics) Ps we also manage to store surplus tables below bottom shelve, We are well satisfied with your product and the service you provide, Well done!!!

- David Peel - Stokesley Masonic Hall - 17 July 2016

I just wanted to say a big thank you for the amazing job you have done of the Mezz flooring, its exactly how I wanted it to look and the finish looks great. From our first meeting to the installation you and your team have been brilliant

- Douglas Kent - The Graphical Tree - 12 July 2016

Thank you very much the order was delivered very promptly, but as it we are trying to get a new business off the ground we only actually assembled them last weekend. Assembly was very straightforward and I even managed two single handedly! We will be looking for more units to expand our stock area so will be sure to use you again.

- Tracy Hillier - Lovejoys Larder - 16 June 2016

The racking came early and was assembled quickly, no problems. I amended the quote several times and got a quick response, so all good!

- Paul Price - Hartgraph - 15 June 2016

We are very happy with the quality of the racking and overall service from your company. The installation was quick and efficient.

- Matt Hoy - FluteOffice - 09 June 2016

Really happy with the shelving, exactly what we were looking for and at a fraction of the cost of similar products online. Delivery and service both exceptional, would definitely use again.

- Daniel Bolton - Heritages Envelopes - 06 June 2016


- Carl Stairs - Logistics People - 02 June 2016

Pictures of your supplied racking.

- Paul Hooper - Performed Line Products - 31 May 2016

The racking we received from yourselves was nothing short of excellent, as you can see in the attached pictures it has already been put to use. The service and delivery were top notch.

- Andy Cooke - Small Parking Limited - 26 May 2016

This racking has been put in what has been deemed ‘the dungeon’ so it’s not the most impressive picture but please find attached.

- Chris Holgate - Refresh eCommerce Ltd - 24 May 2016

We recently purchased Shelving/Racking from you. Our comment relating to: The quality of the product received. Fantastic quality of the shelving we received The overall service level received from The Used Racking Company. Fantastic service and delivery was minimum charge

- Hanif Kazi - Levello - 13 May 2016

Our shelving is now in situe – however it is in a basement, so the lighting is a little dim! Three pictures are attached. We were very happy with the speed of the service, and they were easy to assemble.

- Helen Willingham - St. Eds Cathedral - 13 May 2016

Great service – and great price too. Sturdy shelving & easy to assemble.

- Rob Jackson - 5 Star Cases Ltd. - 09 May 2016

Absolutely delighted with our purchase, used racking but looks absolutely brand spanking new!! Great service great price quick delivery, we will order more if we need more.

- Adam Jones - Mac - 06 May 2016

Don't have any photos at the moment but can give good feedback about the order. Good shelving and good service.

- Nick Zieleniewski - Glentham Life Sciences Ltd - 26 April 2016

The racking we purchased of you was quality and delivery were excellent.

- John Garside - Halley Stevenson Limited - 11 April 2016

Another purchase from Used Racking, again fast delivery service, competitively priced and professionally installed.

- Gareth Wright - Colvanbridge Limited - 30 March 2016

Although a little untidy at the moment due to workload we are absolutely delighted with the purchase of our used racking from The Used Racking Company. The quality was far greater than expected, easy to install and fitted a treat. We cannot recommend them enough. From initial enquiry through to delivery, the process was seamless with the support of Andy Coldwell and all within 7 days!

- Nicola Tickner - Sussex Boat Shop - 21 March 2016

Assembly was very easy, even on the 2.1 meter span it was simple to erect single handed. Once up it looked smart and with two rows one behind the other proved ideal for storage of our long thin boxes, end on. This made a big difference to the way we can now store and access the product for picking and shipping. There were no issues with delivery or order placement, in fact the order turned up a day early, which possible for some would be an issue but as we needed ASAP it was ideal.

- John Gillingham - Sign-Tec Services Ltd - 09 March 2016

I am a new buyer to racking and shelving and the help and information given over the phone meant I received exactly what I needed, It was very well palatalized and took up a minimum amount of space until erected. I purchased 3 types of racking and all of them were solid, and extremely easy to erect, I will definitely be using you again, please feel free to paraphrase as I am extremely happy with the products and service.

- David Halton - Acer Engineering Ltd - 09 March 2016

Supplied quickly and fuss free by HCSS to increase the pallet racking capability at Hard Rock Flooring. Would recommend to anyone.

- Will Luitsz - Hard Rock Flooring - 07 March 2016

The product we received is in excellent condition and feedback was that it looks more sturdy than the racking we recently purchased from new. I was extremely pleased with the level of service I received from the Used Racking Company. The staff were knowledgeable, helpful and quick to respond to queries. Many thanks for your help. This small amount of racking has had a big impact on the layout, tidiness, and cleanliness of a once neglected area of the factory.

- Mark Poling - AFL Global - 22 February 2016

Just like to say thank you for quick turnaround for supplying the racking and the fixture and fittings that we asked for, all put up very easy and bolted to floor see pictures above. This is the second time we have brought from you and sure will use you again.

- Neil White - HPS Ltd - 18 February 2016

I can add we are extremely happy with the service we have received especially with how quickly you delivered the second order. The quality of the product is perfect and in some cases it looks like new. We shall certainly be purchasing any more racking we need from "The Used Racking Company"

- Gary Summerskill - Delta Pacific Valves Ltd - 12 February 2016

Racking from the Used Racking Company has helped us to get 33 pallets put neatly away freeing up loads of floor space in our workshop and warehouse! Most of it was brand new and all was in great condition and arrived a day early.

- Will - Hard Rock Flooring - 11 February 2016

The quality of the shelving is first class. It is easy to assembly would advise two people to help erecting them to hold the units in place. We have secured them to the wall for extra safety. The service from The Used Racking Company was efficient and the five units were well packaged I am so delighted with my shelves as I have been asking my handy man to make me shelves for all my boxes and files for over a year and this solved the problem

- Judy Clarke - 11 February 2016

We are made up with our new racking. It helps us achieve quicker and more efficient distribution for our clients. I placed an order on a tuesday and received everything on friday the day I asked for. I Will use the Used Racking Company again.

- Scott Westmoreland - Gift Point - 03 February 2016

Quality of racking products received spot on, just the job for our requirements. Very easy to assemble, extremely sturdy taking into account individual components not too heavy at all and easily manageable for two people. Very happy with products ordered and received. Pleased with overall service, emails answered promptly and efficiently, all products in stock. Delivery time quoted quite quick with delivery arriving bang on time as stated.

- Tony Holden - Lion Exhibition Services Ltd - 03 February 2016

We were VERY impressed with the quality of the racking and could be forgiven for thinking it was brand new. The quality and finish is superb and easy to construct. Whilst we had an item that had unfortunately been damaged in transit, customer service were swift in sorting a replacement that arrived the next day (I believe). Could highly recommend The Used Racking Company, their products as well as the customer service they gave us.

- Adam Jennings - DQM Limited - 02 February 2016

The picture of our new racking

- Katie Bowden - TECO Building Products - 19 January 2016

Always a pleasure to deal with the The Used Pallet Co. Have bought from you on several accessions. Always a good deal and always a good product.

- George Kamperis - Autorack Products Ltd - 19 January 2016

The racking has been delivered! Thankyou for your help! We are a medium size company growing quickly. I’m sure I will be back for more racking soon.

- David Tillman - High Profile - 15 January 2016

We have a fairly tight storage area that we haven’t quite finished filling up so a little hard to get a flattering pic – please find attached. We have been very impressed with the quality of TURC longspan shelving and also the speed at which it can be assembled. Super strong and super quick! We are repeat customers with you and value your personal service and can do attitude. When we hopefully expand in the not too distant future, we will know to call TURC for our additional shelving and racking requirement.

- Martin Southwood - Northwood Design Ltd - 13 January 2016

Signed lease on 15th Dec, first pic. Racking arrived on 17th Dec and installed, second pic. Warehouse full 24th Dec, third pic. Thanks for a terrific service. All installed excellently, efficiently. It looks almost new.

- Richard Ryll - Clear Environment Ltd - 06 January 2016

Sturdy Shelving & Great service - we definitely recommend

- Craig Rogerson - Scenic Sets Ltd - 05 January 2016

Please see image attached

- Hannah White - Housing Partners - 04 January 2016

I just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you for your great service, with the recent purchase of our new racking which is all now in place. As a fellow supplier, customers always seem very quick to criticize suppliers and less quick to say well done! Have a Merry Christmas and we won’t hesitate contacting you for more racking when needed.

- Richard Hardy - Mid-Optic Limited - 22 December 2015

The most professional racking company I contacted and the proof of their quality was in making good a shortage of one piece, delivered free, within 48 hours. You can always judge a good company by how they handle errors, and this was spot on.

- Mark Wibberley - Morethanpolish Ltd - 22 December 2015

Second purchase of 'used' shelving from you guys and exactly the same superb service from door to door. Prompt delivery, excellent customer service and extremely helpful. Quality second to none, robust and durable (hence the second buy of the same thing) and put to use straight away. Many thanks again!

- Matt Lodge - SHAPE Machining Ltd - 22 December 2015

Great service and product once again. Collection discount much appreciated.

- George Kamperis - Autorack Products Ltd - 04 December 2015

The shelving i bought from you is brilliant, I am so glad i found your shop, i will recommend and buy whenever i need without looking elsewhere

- Jetmir Krasniqi - ~ - 22 November 2015

Picture of racking attached with projector flightcases on. We also use racking for putting projectors on in shows. Usual excellent products, price and service. Even when I needed a quick turnaround.

- Dave Connolly - Big Picture - 30 October 2015

The shelving is of good quality, sturdy and is fit for purpose. The service received from The Used Racking Company was good. Easy ordering and quick delivery

- Jo Boyd - NH3 Refrigeration Ltd - 29 October 2015

The shelving is of excellent quality, easy to assemble and has been a godsend to our problem of storing musical instruments. The service and advice was very good, from start to finish.

- Alan Gwynant - N/A - 29 October 2015

The quality of the product was superb, I certainly would not buy new again and the knowledge for the sales representative at HCSS was invaluable. Delivery booked in and arrived on time.

- Rob Burton - 3PL Solutions - 29 October 2015

We are extremely satisfied with the product & the overall service supplied from yourselves. In particular the delivery service was excellent, along with the delivery driver clearly explaining how the unit is assembled. Many thanks and we will certainly be using yourselves in the near future for additional racking solutions.

- John Upton - Cavendish Filters Ltd - 29 September 2015

We are very pleased with the product and service.

- Bill Childs - IGS Ltd - 23 September 2015

The racking we received was of exceptional quality, exactly as described and look great in our warehouse. The customer service we received was efficient and the delivery was very prompt. I would recommend this company and their products.

- Katie Bowden - TECO Building Products - 18 September 2015

We have received excellent service from the original quote through to the delivery on site.

- Rob Overington - Syndico.net - 16 September 2015

As usual the service was great and the quality of racking is good.

- David Goater - Trans-Tronic Ltd - 06 August 2015

Fast delivery and quick responses to all emails. The racking was easy to assemble and you couldn’t even tell it was used. Highly recommend to all!

- Alun Jenkins - Graff City - 06 August 2015

Our new racking in use. Our shelving was recently purchased from you guys and having researched it for a while the value offered was brilliant. Quality was fantastic, very sturdy and more than capable of handling what we required. The service received right from the gentleman who called me at the beginning all the way through to the guy who delivered it was great. As for 'used racking' it arrived immaculate and was easy to assemble. Great service from lovely people. Will most definitely be back for more. We look forwards to making use of our free bins too!!

- Matt Lodge - SHAPE Machining Ltd - 31 July 2015

Please find attached photographs of our recently purchased racking. The project is still ongoing but, as you will see, we’ve managed to get some racking built. It’s fitting in perfectly! We feel the quality of the racking is very good and suits our needs completely. We cannot fault the service received from The Used Racking Company. They listened to our needs and assisted us totally from beginning to end. Ordering was easy and delivery came when expected. We would definitely do business with them again.

- Elaine O’Brien - Orion Group - 31 July 2015

Quality Racking at a Great Price

- Alan Taylor-Wheeler - JJ Storage - 30 July 2015

This is in fact our second order. We are very pleased with the Quality and also the ease of construction. The ordering process and response from your sales team is very good

- Philip Shears - Target Sport Ltd - 20 July 2015

we have put together the racking we received from you last week. Honest comments; Racking was delivered quickly, in good condition and as described. Satisfied with value for money. Photo attached. Thanks in advance for the bin kit.

- Jeremy Dolby - Red Composites (UK) Ltd. - 15 July 2015

Product went together very easily and is easy to adjust. Having no fixings to worry about made it all the easier. Delivery was prompt precise and hassle free.

- Tom Finnegan - Rain For Rent International (UK) - 13 July 2015

Quality - Excellent. Much better than the racks we previously purchased from Big Dug. Easy to put up and down (when we moved them recently). Service - Well priced, and arrived before delivery estimate.

- Anthony Taylor - www.hetrading.co.uk - 13 July 2015

Extremely pleased with our purchase, very easy order process and delivery excellent! Only 3 days from order date will use again.

- Matt Langston - Zunsport - 09 July 2015

I found your installation team to be very efficient and the manager (Dean) was helpful with advice regarding exact location and spacing.

- Mark Rose - Roftex Ltd t/a Flexmort - 01 January 2015