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Apex Pallet Racking

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Buyers guide

You always have product available for immediate delivery. You ship the material as soon as we make payment. The shipping is accurate, i.e. date of delivery. The shipment is always well packaged. Definitely, no complaints from our end. Well done.

- Andrew Price - Geveko Markings UK Ltd
11 March 2024


- Sean Small - Trident Lifting Solutions Ltd
07 March 2024

Just a quick note. I searched Facebook marketplace and online for pallet racking so I had an idea of price. I thought your quote was ok so ordered off you. delivered by my own company and apprehensive about what it would look like. Holy moly they are brand new. Totally impressed. Thank you very much.

- Matthew Parry - Frenni
15 February 2024

  • Limited Stock Apex Pallet Racking
  • All frames delivered pre-assembled for easy construction on site
  • Full Nationwide Installation Service
  • Ex Stock for fast delivery service
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The type of things to consider: What you will store on the racking, how much space you have, whether you will load by folk lift or hand and how much weight (kg) you require on each shelf. For reference, please see our buyers guide.

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  • Frame options 3000mm high x 900mm deep
  • Frame options 4500mm high x 900mm deep
  • Frame options 7200mm high x 900mm deep
  • Beam option 2700 mm Length - 2 ton loading per pair
  • Used Open Boarded Decking Levels 2700 x 900mm Available
  • Used Column Guards with Bolts Available
  • 2 Ton loading per beam level
  • Light Grey or Blue frames & Orange beams

For more ways to find the right product for you, complete our buyers guide:

Buyers guide

Since our formation in 1995 we have years of proven expertise in providing storage consisting of new and used racking. Every day we help new and existing customers find the best racking solutions backed up by first class after sales service. Feel free to call in and visit our showroom or call our team for some honest advice about your storage equipment needs.